Sunday, 31 May 2015

Hot to Trot!! Looking Forward to a Summer on the Stick Float!

Hot to Trot!! Looking Forward to a Summer on the Stick Float!! 
In anticipation of the river season due to open in a couple of weeks i have made a few stick floats in preparation. There's also a set of chubbers in case i fancy trotting a big chunk of meat!! They are made with balsa bodies with walnut and carbon stems and tipped with red and a yellow band i know these are gonna do the business!! 

This year i will be spending some time on the Trent to try for its barbel, chub and roach. Last season i had the good fortune to fish the river with one of its best, Chris the Pin! Chris is a regular on the river and as the name suggests he's an absolute genius when armed with a float rod, centrepin and stick float.

Watching a stick float angler is always a joy and Chris is no exception. Its not just about letting the float glide downstream, he's constantly ringing the changes, correcting the line, changing the speed of the float, adjusting shot patterns and depth as well as repeatedly trickle feeding bait until the bites start coming! In the right swim the action can come fast and fishing delicate baits like maggot and caster theres a chance of just about any fish.

If you ever have the opportunity to fish with an angler who has mastered the stick float i advise you jump at the chance! You can learn an awful lot in a short space of time and In my view theres no finer way to fish!
Roll on the 16th!! 
If you would like me to make you a float or two feel free to get in touch-
01354 651917