Monday, 4 May 2015

Get Ready For Rudd!! New Lure Of The Float Puddle Chuckers!!

New Self Cocking Puddle Chuckers
After seeing Josh Fishers success with last seasons rudd fishing we put our heads together to make some suitable floats to try out this summer. The plan was to make a self cocking Puddle Chucker style float incorporating quality materials like balsa and quill rather than the regular, soulless plastic floats found in tackle shops.
Heres the first of the results which i have to say i am over the moon with. They are weighted with split shot fixed inside the lower section of quill and the joins are obscured with a neatly whipped balsa body. Obviously they can be painted to your own requirements but we chose to keep these ones largely plain apart from the dip pen ink artwork on the upper section.
Clearly they have various applications but in my view they are perfect for rudd fishing.

If you would like me to make you a float or two either go to my website or feel free to give me a call or e mail.

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