Friday, 27 November 2015

Field at Farlows

I'm really excited to announce that my floats can now be bought in the capital. For a start many of my customers come from abroad and now if they come to london they can pop into Piccadilly, walk two minutes down to Pall Mall and sample that piscatorial paradise that is Farlows.
I have always loved the fishing history that the company represents but in the modern age the staff are getting more and more helpful and inspiring. Any question about anywhere in the fishing world and there will be an answer in this fantastic shop. And of course the tackle to solve any angling they have my floats of course.

I've looked at retail partners in the past but nowhere else has come close. That mix of tradition and cutting edge modern development is magically unique I guess. Farlows mirror in this way my own float building philosophy by giving anglers a flavour of the past with all the technology of the future.
So please if you are in London, get to Farlows and feel my floats in the flesh. As time goes by you will see this relationship grow. I honestly believe that if you love your old world coarse fishing brought up to date you will find the gear you want at farlows. Field and Farlows. we are going places together.