Monday, 2 February 2015

The Fenland Thirties Pike Bobs

Some months ago Denis Moules asked me to repair some of his old pike floats that had started to decay after years of fishing the Fen Drains. Although they were no longer any good to fish with Denis said he was loathed to bin them because the once readily available cork floats he preferred using had becoming very difficult to acquire in recent years. 

Once the floats were ready Denis mentioned he was writing the second edition of The Fenland Thirties so i immediately got to work on the lathe and made up a pair of his favourite pike bobs bearing the name of the new book. He was so pleased with them it was suggested i make a ltd edition of 10 for lucky customers to buy. 

If anyone is keen and would like to take one be sure to give me an email or call quickly! 4 of them are already spoken for and i will probably keep one for myself too. 

As can be seen from the dimpled finish they are made fully from cork and remain faithful to the same shape and design as Denis's original floats. Numbered 1 to 10 they will make a fabulous addition to any float collection or to use on the Fen Drains. Who knows, perhaps you will land a Fenland Thirty of your own!!