Monday, 6 May 2013

Himalayan Golden Mahseer 2013 Adventure!!

Hello Float Anglers

I have just returned from 3 weeks fishing in Northern India! I wont lie, the fishing was tough but the Himalayan Mahseer we caught were nothing short of breathtaking! The rivers are superb and run as clear as i have ever seen.  We fished the Saryu, Kali and Ramganga in April when the rivers were on their knees  so i think my next trip will be in October/November after the monsoon when they have more water in them. I caught fish from all three rivers, nothing big but we saw plenty of monsters just couldn't hook them! Much of the fishing was done with lures but we also fished the fly, fixed leads and most importantly with floats!!
I advise anyone to go and give it a try, its a lot of traveling and can be tough fishing but its a great adventure!
I travelled with "The Himalayan Outback" who were extremely professional, the guides were very very knowledgable and always put us in front of fish! (all you have to do is put a hook in one!! How hard can it be!!